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Golden Ratio Nutritional Supplement

Grain Free - Dairy Free Protein

Golden Ratio boasts a 30g proprietary blend of collagen and organic pea protein. This ultra-pure protein includes pre and post-digestive enzymes to cleanse the digestive tract and is the only coconut sweetened protein powder on the market. Our ultra-pure blend features MTC (Medium Chain Triglycerides), support cognitive function and assist with weight management. Lo Han Go (Monk Fruit), an herbal sweetener used frequently in Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps to calm the joints and soft tissues in the body. All Golden Ratio products are 100% Grain Free, 100% Dairy Free and 100% Free of Artificial Sweetener, Dyes and Flavors.

Nutritional Information

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Paleo Crackers and “Nola”
Grain and Dairy Free

Only Available at The Fitness Shack

Looking for grain free - dairy free - vegan snacks? The Fitness Shack has brought these delicious snacks to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for all to enjoy. If you are on a strict diet, and a need some crunch in your life, get to The Shack and try these great snacks. These snacks are also Grain Free - Dairy Free, and also produced 100% free of Soy products and Sweeteners. Produced exclusively for The Fitness Shack by the Get Elevated Snack Co. in Columbus, OH.

Grain Free - Dairy Free Snacks

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Food Revolution at The Fitness Shack

Paleo and Low Carb Diet Options

The Always Fresh, Always Healthy, Always Available Menu from Food Revolution is designed to meet your dietary and convenience needs. The weekly menu changes each Sunday and provides a week worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. Food Revolution specializes in Paleo, Keto and Low Carb options to meet the most timely diet specifications. If you need extra health advice for nutrition, coaching is available. The smart, delicious food is placed in single potion containers ready to reheat.

Custom Foods for Dietary Needs

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Active Military and Veteran Discount

Thank You for Your Service!

Thank you all that have served this great country. To show our appreciation, we would like to offer a 10 % discount to all active military and veterans.

10% off All Class Packages

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A Shacker is a person striving to be a part of a welcoming, non-judgmental community who’s not interested in impersonal big box gyms, over digitalized workouts and uninspired instructors. The Fitness Shack® provides a unique boutique studio (gym) experience focused on your personal fitness and wellness goals. More than ever, a healthy, thriving lifestyle is what’s at stake. Food Revolution® offers full meal programs, diet plans, and consultation services to complete your fitness and wellness needs, while fulfilling your appetite for tasty and healthy food alternatives.

The Fitness Shack® is home to Road Warrior (Indoor Cycle), RowSylvania (Indoor Rowing), Buti Yoga (Yoga/Tribal Dance Fusion), Shack Attack (Boxing/Kickboxing) and Total Body Sculpt/Warrior (Strength and Conditioning). We’re your one stop shop for boutique fitness in the heart of Sylvania.  Guests have access to all workouts without the high cost of long-term memberships and fees. Drop-in one time or purchase packages that make sense for you.

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