The 21 Day Paleo Reset has been life changing for me. I was struggling to gather the mental energy to get on track with my diet and exercise after back to back pregnancies. I gained over 40lbs in the last 4 years. I felt slow, tired, and most noticeably that I was not being the best version of myself possible.

The program is very easy to follow. You eat exactly what they provide you. You don’t have to grocery shop for anything – literally anything. It’s all included. And then you need to work out a minimum of 3 times a week.

Was I hungry? 100% absolutely. The first 5 days were very hard for me. But, I trusted the Shack team and persisted. By day 6 I felt so much better and had a renewed sense of ability and dedication to complete the program. Working out has always been easy for me. I enjoy exercise. Dieting has always been my challenge.

I am so glad I stuck to the plan. I lost 12lbs and 5 inches off my waist alone. I am sleeping better, my joints feel better, and I have a mental clarity that I didn’t at the beginning. For the first time in maybe forever I feel like I’m going to achieve my overall health and wellness goals.

I know the price tag is going to initially shock some people, but when you calculate the per meal cost of $499/ 84 meals and snacks it breaks down to less then $6 a meal! Sooo much less than I spend anywhere else I’d eat out. And, unlimited fitness and support are included. It’s really an incredible value.

21 Day Reset

$59900all inclusive
  • Food, Fitness, Sauna, Consultation

21 Day Reset - One Week Food

$18500Seven Days
  • Paleo Detox