Charity Challenge

The Fitness Shack and Food Revolution’s first Charity Challenge is complete and we are overwhelmed by our incredible customers and new friends. The Team Challenge was a runaway victory for the Smart Six Squad and they will be able to donate $400.00 to any charity.

Final Standings

  1. Team One (The SmartSix Squad) 89
  2. Team Seven 72
  3. Team Eight 69
  4. Team Six 65
  5. Team Three 65
  6. Team Five 50
  7. Team Two 44
  8. Team Four 41

With all of the funds and gifts collected, we were able to donate over $2000.00 in value to our Great charities.

  • Team One – Jennifer Guy, Andrew Sautter, Andrea Sautter, Tina Penzinski, Valerie Snider
  • Team Seven – Sara Barnett-Hamen, Jonathon Hamen, Rick Schroeder, Mary Schroeder, Emily Schroeder
  • Team Eight – Cheryl Fisher, Chris Heerdegren, Nancy Kezur, Cheryl LoFiego, Brenda Dymarkowski
  • Team Six – Kari Brackett, Brittany Close, Angie Winterhalter, Jennifer Wingate, Brittany Madison
  • Team Three – Kolby Kocinski, Sonya Pasquali, Jennifer Abke, Jessica Greer, Susie Crawford
  • Team Five – Jayne Minger, Patti Taylor, Deb Newsome, Carol Hughes, Crystal Lagger
  • Team Two – Jeano Towns, Barb Yavorcik, Renee Ellis, Sharon Barker, Joan Bruggerman
  • Team Four – Catherine Hughes, Rachael Anderson, Dawn Aubuchon, Lisa Lulfs, Patty Laplant